SIA "VALMIR.A" has concluded the contract №.SKV-L-2016/899 with LIAA “Investment and Development Agency of Latvia” on the 31/10/2016.

About us

We believe that beauty isn’t about certain standards or physique, beauty is above all – the love for yourself and your body. Shape, weight or age are all irrelevant. This philosophy defines our product. We create lingerie which makes you feel confident, which gives you a sense of love and care, and knowing that you are beautiful.

Valmira brand’s story began in 2006 with a small workshop in the city of Liepaja. Today it’s the third generation of our family craftsmen that are taking this heritage further to produce unique underwear for modern women.Combining knowledge with latest technologies and attention to smallest details is key for us. Owing to our extensive experience and well-established production we use a special cut and design the cup in a way that provides maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

Our utmost priority is the care for a woman and the world surrounding her— hence our holistic approach to the choice of natural and eco-friendly fabrics. In creating of our lingerie collections we use certified organic cotton. Grown with only natural fertilizers this material is safe for people and for the environment.

We regard every purchase of an organic cotton garment as a contribution to improved ecology and the well-being for our planet. We are truly proud that our clients choose Valmira, thus supporting sustainable manufacturing and moving towards a more conscious consumption.

Inspired by nature, created for you.